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Noemi Marquez, LCSW

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Family Groups 

These monthly groups are designed to connect individuals that face similar challenges and strengths as yourself. Through group, individuals can gain valuable information, guidance, and understanding by sharing experiences.

Take a break and talk to other people that get it!

Share your struggles, hopes, and resources. 


RSVP: Email: [email protected] or call/ text 786-346-0877  and Include name, phone number, age of children, and topics of interest.

All groups meets once monthly in a safe a comfortable location. Times and dates are not posted to safeguard the privacy of the group members.

Different Drummer  Family Group

In partnership with SunServe

A group for families with transgender, gender variant, and gender non-conforming young children. teens and young adults.

*As if marching to the beat of a different drummer, gender non-conforming children are just trying to be true to themselves, often at the expense of ridicule and disapproval.

*If you have a child between 3 to 21 years old and these are your concerns, Different Drummer Family Group may be just what you need! This unique group gives you the opportunity to connect with other families like yours and it is a place for your child to meet kids, teens and young adults whose experiences mirror their own.

My Child & Me Group

This group is open to busy Moms and Dads raising young children ages 0 to 5 years old. Parenting young kids is challenging from lack of sleep and balancing work, school and family time.

*Connect with other parents during first part of group and then enjoy fun bonding time with your child.

*Children will enjoy socialization with other kids in a safe environment during parent time.

Parents of Autism Group

Having a child diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder can be daunting for any parent. You may experience a wide range of feelings, including fear, confusion and yes, loneliness, this can happen even when you have a supportive partner and/or family. You are not alone.

Parenting and LGBTQ Youth Group

This group offers support to both parents and LGBTQ teens ages 12+. Openly discuss concerns unique to parenting LGBTQ youth.

Offers LGBTQ Youth opportunity to connect with other youth and discuss important issues with the guidance of a therapist or therapy interns.

*All groups are monitored by a licensed psychotherapist and mental health professionals/graduate level interns. Individual and Family Therapy also available in office and at school!