Counsel & Connect, Inc.
Noemi Marquez, LCSW

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Consultation & Supervision

Agency Consultation & Talent Development

Educational, Mental Health, Medical and Legal Services Providers.

Tailored and developed to needs of participants!

Topics include: Lifespan Development, Promoting Social Emotional Development, Promoting Parent Involvement, Child Abuse and Neglect, The Foster Care System, Medical Issues in the Foster Care, Working with Survivors of Sexual Violence, Transitions in Foster Care (Reunifications and TPR), Promoting Co-Parenting, Connections between Mental Health and Medical Heath, Positive Parenting, Positive Communication, Gender and Orientation Issues, and more upon request.

Reflective Supervision: 

For Child Parent Psychotherapy Rostering: 

For Infant Mental Health Endorsement:

For High Stress Service Agencies:

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Want to Serve the LGBTQ+ Community: 

Integrate Affirming Practice & Trauma-Informed Practice throughout your Program.

Why do we need this? 

Programmatic Assessment

Programmatic Integration Plan

Programmatic Outcome Measures

Based on the latest international and national research and evidenced based programs!

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CC&C Advanced Training Institute

Partnership of some of the lead clinicians and educators in Miami Dade, Broward, and Monroe County

Introduction to Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health

Diagnostic Classification for Ages 0-5 (DC0-5) Official Zero to Three trainings:

* 2-days for mental health professionals

* 1 and 3 hour introductory course for pediatric medical professionals, child welfare providers, speech and OT professionals

Social-Emotional Development for Children 0-5 Basics

Developmental Screenings for Children ages 0-5

How to know if your child needs more to be successful: Red flags and what to do.

LGBTQ+ 101: Foster Caregivers and Direct Care Staff

LGBTQ+: Court Decision Makers

LGBTQ+ 101: Clinical Issues

LGBTQ+ 101: Educational Professionals, Counselors & School Psychologists

LGBTQ+: Advanced Clinical Practice within Schools: Counselors, Social Workers, School Psychologists, & Nurses

What do I need to know about Hormones and Surgeries for my Transgender/Gender Diverse Child?

Transgender & Gender Diversity Affirmative Practice Basics for Providers

Transgender & Gender Diverse Advanced Wholistic Practice: Bringing WPATH to life!